When you hear the word "Chippendale," chances are it will conjure images of Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley loosely choreographed, gyrating and thrusting. The other famous Chippendale is Thomas Chippendale, who was one of England's most famous designers and cabinet makers.

Around 400 BC the historical Buddha was born. In most of Asia Buddhist thought literally hangs in the air. In the West, notions like karma and reincarnation have become part of contemporary thought. Some of the most beautiful images ever made represent the enlightened Buddha.

Aristocrats assembled collections of extraordinary objects and displayed them in groupings for their peers to marvel and enjoy. A coconut shell was rare and treasured. Branches of coral & exotic sea shells were equally treasured.

Lincoln Portrait

Long before cameras we see portraits. Paintings in ancient Egypt sometimes replace carved masks on mummies. They are done in “encaustic,” which is a kind of pigmented wax, and has allowed some painting remain brilliant even to present day.


A dear friend was interested in knowing more about caning.

We recently purchased a large collection of 18th and 19th century Pewter. For over 3000 years this metal alloy has been used for tableware and serving-ware. Pewter is mostly tin with a little copper, antimony, bismuth and sometimes lead.

We recently stumbled across a collector's lifetime collection of 100 to 250 year old wine bottles. These bottles are dated by size, shape, color and construction.

Today we are pleased to offer a group of French snuff boxes made in about 1780. Snuff was first documented during Columbus’s second voyage to the New World in Brazil 1493, but the stuff had undoubtedly been used for many centuries before this.